December 3, 2016

Fun holiday lipsticks from Stix

It's the holidays and what better way to celebrate than with whimsical Candy Stripes lipsticks and eye shadows from Stix (aka Pixy Stix).

$L99 Lips
$L99 Shadows
$L149 Fatpack

November 28, 2016

Business girl goes cheap! $10L special

Jessie by Licole Fashion
A discussion ensued (like that word??) in the Second Life inworld Maitreya Lara Friends group about business attire. One of the ladies was looking for a professional suit. These used to be fairly easy to find in SL maybe 5 years ago but with the advent of mesh bodies and changing tastes, they are kind of hard to find. A few options came up including a $599L full outfit from Bella Moda which, at least from the Marketplace photos, looks stunning. (Not sure if the person who was hunting for an outfit bought it or not. It is pricey.)

ANYWAY, that lead me to do my own little search on SLM and UGGGH! Still lots of paint-on system clothes for standard avatars. But there just isn't much in the way of mesh -- especially not outfits designed for Maitreya's Lara body (or for that matter Belleza or Slink).

Then I thought maybe I can make a standard mesh outfit work. And, tah-dah, with a little work on the alphas, I present to you Jessie from Licole fashion. Comes in the standard 5 sizes and as long as your shape isn't too far off, it's wearable with most mesh bodies. The cool part? It was only $10L.

The one drawback is the jacket texture (it's all one mesh) is really dark. While the detail is good, you have to be in bright light to appreciate it. My photo here shows how it actually looks under standard mid-day lighting. Enlarge, zoom in and see for yourself.

Heels are Sensure in black by Beck for mid feet ($50L) but you could get the original full perms template version for only $99L and make your own in any color for Slink, Maitreya or Belleza. They're sold as DX001 Firefly Shoes on SLM. Really, they're quite nice. I wish more shoe designers would make mid feet compatible shoes -- it's just so much more natural looking than high. Oh well. Personal annoyance of mine.

SLM link to outfit: Jessie Business Suit by Licole

November 4, 2016

Shoe Alert! Found my Mary Janes for Maitreya!!

Those who know me know how much I love cosplay outfits in Second Life. Everything from cutesy Power Puff Girls stuff to Marvel comics to manga -- SL provides such an amazing array of things to wear. So what cosplay wardrobe would be complete without a pair of  platform Mary Janes and ankle socks? Answer? NONE! You have to have them!

Bella Jane Heels by Pacagaia Creations
The problem has been finding some that work with my (totally awesome) Maitreya Lara mesh body. I've got several pairs of system Mary Janes with my favorites being a pair I picked up at Sarah Nerd's for like $1L millions of years ago. They were perfect with that chunky look that graces the feet of anime stars worldwide. (So to speak.) But alas, system shoes don't work on mesh bods so I've been on the hunt for months now.

Anyway, here they are, Bella Jane Heels by Pacagaia Creations (PC). Now they aren't perfect -- the ankle sock detail around the top is a little klutzy but the rest is purrrrfect. (And how often is someone zooming in on your shoooz anyway? From normal viewing they look fantastic.) I just love the little hearts outlining the shoe top! Sorry about the lighting in my photo studio -- the detail gets a little washed out but trust me, the lace shows up under normal SL conditions.

What's even more amazing is that they are HUD driven so ALL the colors are separately modable including the socks and hearts! BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! (Hee hee.) They are ONLY $99L on the SL Marketplace.

Now if ONLY I could get some with chunky heels instead of stilettos. Hint hint!

Link to items on SLM:

October 31, 2016

Tonight's Halloween costume - Ms. Marvel

Yeah I know whoever made it is probably in violation of the DMCA but I think it looks rather fetching. :)

Omega appliers on Maitreya Lara body.

October 30, 2016

Anime / transformer Halloween costume

I'm not going to bother with a fancy studio shot of this one so here's a live shot of me at a Blackhearts wearing Bare Rose's Psyvine Lady. It's sort of a cross between Transformers and Anime with a hint of "Tron" thrown in. The glowy neon colors are changeable via a HUD and it's scripted to make the glow alternate between dim and bright. It really is amazing up close.

Works with standard avatars and there are versions available with appliers for a few popular mesh bodies. Shown here on my Maitreya Lara body. Price is $249L last I checked.

SLURL to Bare Rose for Maitreya:

October 12, 2016

Space, the final fashion frontier

Odyssey - Front View
Well dear followers, tis' been awhile since I've posted anything new here. Sorry 'bout that. Real life has been just a bit too consuming lately. Anywayyyyyyyy. I've got a few new things to share so expect them over the next few weeks. (I hope.)

Here's the first. A sexxxxii (R-rated) space costume from a store I've never heard of called "Shady Gear". Just in time for Halloween or your next futuristic cosplay venture,"Odyssey" is very well done with details rarely seen in something that's only $150L.

While not designed for mesh bodies, it comes with appliers for Maitreya, Omega and TMP. That's simply for the plastic under layer. The rest of the outfit is made of mesh wearable pieces that are very well done -- right down to the LED/neon glow of the parts. And woo hoo, they all fit!

I'm using my Maitreya Lara mesh body here in the photo with size L parts and everything fits perfectly. Just a little tweaking needed on the boot alphas but nothing major. The white highlights can look a teensy bit fake from certain angles but that's a really minor complaint.

No photoshop in these pics. Straight from the SL clicker!

Overall, I give this costume a 9 out of 10 candy bars! As usual, you can click on the images for full size versions.

Available on SL Marketplace for standard and some mesh avatars. Shown with Lumae Eirtae skin & Truth Roxanna skin.

Link to SLM:

Odyssey - Back View

August 16, 2016

New mesh cuteness from Inga Wind

Inga Wind "Ansley" Mesh outfit
I am so glad that Inga Wind has finally figured out mesh bodies and appliers because she is truly amazing at texturing. Like most designers these days, the underlying mesh clothing bases at IW are mostly templates. What sets her outfits apart is how much attention to detail goes into the texturing, accessories and making everything work together. Case in point today is "Ansley" -- an amazing short and crop top outfit that is absolutely stunning. For most designers, this sort of outfit is almost a throwaway. Do some applier jeans shorts, add a mesh top and call it a day. Not for Wind.

Just look at the close-up photos of the shorts and shoes below. These are completely un-retouched. I've got lots of mesh outfits for my Maitreya Lara bod and few have this level of detail in them.

So you get everything shown in Slink, Fitmesh, Maitreya, Belleza and standard XXS - L mesh sizes. Four colors are available including the coral shown plus blue, brown & khaki.

Price? I have no idea since she didn't include it with the sample. I'll update my bloggie as soon as I find out. UPDATE - Ansley is $280L. Here is an LM to Wind: Inga Wind Clothing

Anyway, other details are Lumae Eirtae Freckled Skin Nutmeg, Roxana hair by Truth and my own custom shape.

As always, to check out full size image, click on it.

Closeup of shorts

Cloesup of shoes